Eid is the most popular event in the Muslim community in the whole world and where ever Muslims exist have fun and awaited this moment all the year. There are two Eid celebrations in the year eid al Fitr which are held at the end of Ramadan and a gift of Allah after the whole month of fasting. Eid al Adha is held on the 10th of Dhu al Hijjah but these dates vary from year to year.

Muslims believe that Eid is the reward of Allah after the whole month of fasting. Eid is the event that spreads love and joys in life. Both the Eids are truly celebrations for Muslims and recall two distinct occasions which are ever significant in Islamic history.

Gifts are the hallmark of love and care and if a person wants to express his adore then gifting is always at the top of the list. In many countries with a large population of Muslim communities, Eid Mubarak gifts are the common thing. Exchange of gifts and wishes is the best way to show your feeling and expression.

Eid Gifts for Him

To enhance the relations and make people happy gifting is the best ingredient to add care and love to each other. At this elegant event bundle of gifts for him is suggested here but keep in mind that gifts are always selected according to his personality.

So To Wish Your Hubby, Friend, Brother, And Father A List Of Gift Is:

  • The cell phone is a simple and most preferred gift for men, for your brother and father
  • A beard grooming kit is the requirement of boys and it consists of a useful collection with excellent products.
  • Luxurious prayer rug with a beautifully embroidered rug with bright colours.
  • Wall art related to Islamic history has a strong place in a Muslim home and no better ornamentation than Islamic wall art.
  • Alcohol-free perfumes and cologne for men are the most desirable gift for men. Men are always in search of fresh and unique fragrances as calming scent also keeps them feeling fresh all the time.
  • A leather journal with a pen so you can add any kind of vital information can be easily noted there.
  • Leather wallets, shoes, bags, and belts, etc. are a good option for gifting.

Eid Gifts for Her

Eid is a day of merriment and ecstasy, either its eid al Fitr or eid al Adha or it's a time for family reunions eid delicacies, and exchanging of gifts. Here are some gifts that are most suitable for your wife, sweetheart, mother, sister, or friend:

  • Bottle humidifiers can be used for multi-purpose.
  • Floor rugs, as ladies like colorful rugs that make the rooms pretty and perfect.
  • Cool glasses are the hot favorite at summer times and their efficient designs look attractive.
  • Wooden mugs are antique designs either for your aunt or friend.
  • Roses and flowers or the scented candles are the perfect gifts for any girl who is fond of decoration and fragrances.
  • Ostrich pillows are good for your mother and siblings who always traveling from place to place.
  • Fancy clothes can be given to any lady as clothing are the hot chosen thing by almost all-girl of all ages.


Unique Eid Gifts

  • Clip-on flexible LED light this gift is perfect if your recipient uses it to read at night and it's quite handy so you can use it for reciting Quran or for a quick access light at night.
  • A stylish smartwatch is an accessory these days, it's good for receiving calls, tracking important notifications and reminders but these options are available only in smartwatches.
  • A handmade personal diary is also a good option and this type of dairies easily available at every mall and shop.
  • Money is the common gift given on this day especially kids are quite an enthusiast about collecting money on this day. When gatherings are arranged at dinner time, money can be gifted at this phase.
  • Shoes and clothes gifted to their desired person are a most communal gift.
  • Time is the best gift in this materialistic world. No expensive gift is the replacement of time.
  • Charity can be given as a gift to poor and needy people. Instead of expensive gifts that teach the good feeling which comes with charity.

Eid Gifts for Kids

The delicious chocolate bouquet, cupcakes, picture cakes, and cartoon cakes, as well as tasty UAE sweets, will make wonderful Eid presents for children. They will enjoy these delectable treats with friends and family and have a wonderful time celebrating.

Eid Gifts for Husband

Do you want to make your man's Eid celebration extra sweet and memorable? We're here to assist you in locating the right Eid presents for your husband. In Dubai, you can order a delectable coffee hamper, dry fruits and plant combo, personalised pillow, or delectable dates online, or shop our range of men's perfumes to express your love and Eid wishes to your husband.

Eid Gifts for Wife

So, if you want to impress your lady love this Eid, you'll need something special. As a result, Arabian Petals in Dubai offers an amazing range of Eid gifts for wife, including cookies hampers, luxurious chocolates, beautiful Eid Mubarak roses, dates, and perfumes. So don't hesitate any longer and buy these presents online to make your wife happy and express your undying love for her on this special day.

Eid Gifts Online

Online eid gifting is a surprising option for your dear one. Bundles of gifts can be easily delivered at this time especially when the world is passing through an incubation period of COVID 19, so it’s best to present the gift to your dear relations by online services.

Eid Gifts Ideas

Eid is the time of celebration and happiness. The unlimited gifts and variety of options easily available at many websites and these services are accessible at 24 hours. This eid to show immense love and respect for poor people it good to give them food as a priority other than gifts. Food is the basic need and when a person has food then it's the huge blessing of Allah. This common ideal gift can change many deserving lives.

Eid Gifts to Dubai

All the products and accessories are available in Dubai and many malls and brands at the time of Ramadan offer a selection of elegant items and unique gift ideas. Plenty of famous brands like Arabian Petals, fern n Petals, black tulip, scales n posh and many other well-known brands facilitate their customers all the time.

Eid Mubarak Flowers

Flowers from the old-time consider as the best gift or give an expression of love and respect. By online facility to surprise your beloved near Ramadan is an awesome idea.

Send Eid Gifts To Surprise Your Loved Ones In The UAE

Assortment of gifts list obtainable in UAE and its other estates but always choose the gift conferring to the temperament of the receiver, this thing makes pleased to your recipient. Such as;

Eid Gift Basket

Eid fruit basket is perfect for any family member or a friend and a most surprising gift ever, this basket might contain many best options, like:

  • Chocolate gift basket
  • Arranged fruits
  • Spa gift
  • Snack gift baskets and many more ideas are manageable