If you're unsure how to choose the perfect anniversary flowers bouquetwhether it's the 1st anniversary, anniversary flowers for parents, or a golden one, Arabian petals will help you to celebrate this joyous occasion with special anniversary flowers.


Anniversaries aren't just days when couples get to celebrate. Sure, they're joyous occasions, but they also mean that it's time to give a gift from the heart - something besides just a card. But what kind of flowers? Do you need roses or lots of flowers? How about lilies or roses with lots of daisies? It's hard to know what kind of bouquet is perfect for your anniversary without trying them on for size.

If you're unsure how to choose the perfect 1st-anniversary flowers bouquet, these tips will help you get started.

1- Start with a Call

Ordering flowers online is convenient, but it also means you're likely to get more varieties you don't want. Start by making a call to ask the florist about anniversary flowers and styles that might work. If your husband is more traditional or likes lilies, you could start with something like them. If your wife prefers something a little more playful, or if you're not sure what your anniversary means, get in touch with us for suggestions.

2- Know Their Flower Preferences

If your partner loves white daisies, then your anniversary flower bouquet should have lots of those, regardless of the saying that the more diverse the flowers, the better. In this case, it's nice to have a centerpiece or two with a few different types of flowers. You can add a few sugared or chocolate-covered almonds or other small treats as an extra surprise if you like. After determining the flowers, you can choose the best bouquets from our wide range of flower bouquet collections. For the best anniversary flowers bouquets for wife, explore our anniversary flowers bouquets. 

3- Consider Seasonal Flowers

If you're looking for an anniversary centerpiece, look for seasonal flowers, such as tulips and irises, rather than something available all year round. After all, these blooms are only available for certain times of the year. If you're unsure what to get for your anniversary flower arrangement, we recommend a bouquet best suited to the season.

4- Consider the Occasion

Anniversaries mark major milestones - in your relationship and your lives. Your anniversary can remind you how far you've come together or how much you love each other and the life each of you has made. When choosing flowers, think about what that means to you and your partner. Don't get too carried away with the anniversary theme. Some suggestions include a romantic picnic or a romantic weekend away. For a more elegant look, consider a bouquet of roses and lilies. These blooms are traditional and show that you care.

5- Think More Extravagant

Wanting to surprise them with a little extra is something only the most incredible couples do. For some, a fancy bouquet of roses may be enough. But for others, you can get something more extravagant. Consider a gift basket with champagne, chocolate, and more. We have many themed baskets to choose from that are perfect for any special occasion.

If you want something extra special, think about adding other amenities to the mix - like chocolates and other treats or even cookies or cupcakes made by an acclaimed baker.


Flowers are a powerful way to express your love and unity. And when it comes to celebrating anniversaries, they're essential to making an occasion memorable. Whether you are buying anniversary flower bouquets for parents or your spouse, you should always look for the perfect flower bouquets according to the occasion.

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