Couples and many lovers traditionally celebrate Valentine's day by having Valentine's Day Flowers, Valentine's Day cakes, Valentine's Day chocolates, candlelight dinner, and many Valentine's Day gifts. Many stories are concurrent with the Valentines flowers and chocolates also. The concept of Valentine's day without totaling flowers, chocolates, cakes, and many other gift items is not fully completed. ##bottom##

History Of Valentine’s Day

As everywhere in the entire world, the month of February is affirmed love and romance, just because many people celebrated the full valentine's week. The question arises or elicits in mind, where it comes from or why it is celebrated. Normally they answer that in the 3rd century in Rome, the day is celebrated in the name of St.

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Being infatuated is a supernatural inclination. The intensity of affection fills your heart with generosity and sympathy and makes you see the magnificence in all things. Consistently, Valentine's Day is seen on 14th February when individuals praise the affection that makes their relationship considerably increasingly lovely and solid.

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Valentine is also called St. Valentine’s Day. It is held on 14th February of every year. Valentine's day is an old tradition and originated from a Roman festival. It is a day of love, romance, friendship, and affection. Most lovers express their love by giving or presenting gifts, valentine's wishes, cards, cakes, chocolates, bouquets, and roses, to their sweethearts.

In this way, they show the intensity of their love for their beloved. At the same time, some people believe that this day is celebrated in the middle of February means on the 14th to commemorate the anniversary of valentine’s death that has been happened around 270 A.D.

Valentine's Day Flowers

On this day, the Red roses are the standard or idyllic Valentine's Day Flower. Some best roses of valentine's day come in the box as the best valentines day gift for her or him. These red roses box flowers are amazingly inexpensive gifts for valentines day on a particular day. The cute valentines day gifts are endearing arrangements, tempting fragrances or freshness, and the affordable prices make Valentine's flower bouquet more attractive or fascinating.

No doubt, red roses are the most wanted traditional favorite flower, but pink roses are also very appealing. Here are some fabulous flower arrangements designed by a famous florist, which surprised your loved one by leaving a long-lasting impact or these flower proposals are truly overwhelming for valentine's day.

Some Most Popular Valentine's Day Flowers Are:

Red Roses

Every color of roses is perfect there is no alternative to red roses, and if you are planning on sending flowers to your friend with a little more romance then a red rose bouquet is perfect valentines flowers for this time.

Long Stemmed Roses

These long stemmed roses are the most stunning or little more romantic flowers that symbolize love as well as friendship. If you add a few pink roses, then it adds passionate respect or admiration also. The mixed bouquet of pink and red roses represents your love accurately.

Purple and Yellow Irises

According to Greek mythology, purple irises are a sign of royalty or a rainbow and yellow symbolizes the passion for love. So the combo of both gives a cheerful gift for valentine's day.

 Purple Orchids

Delicate beauty and strength of love represent by these exotic purple orchids. The purple orchid is a universal flower that carries emotional weight, and no flower is better than this elegant flower.


A bouquet of Alstroemeria with a mix of pink roses develops the adore feeling or devotion for the recipient. The wide range of colours makes an adoring bouquet and your valentine think the luckiest person in the world.

There are many other flowers like white daisies, lavender, pink peonies, carnations, red tulips, and stargazer lilies that are available to give your dear one on valentine's day.


The arrangements of sunflower bouquets always seem different and give a typical romantic, uplifting and cheerful look. You can gift it to your friends and family members, as valentine is not only to have wishes for your beloved, lovers, or spouse but for every person you like most.

Pink Lilies

To celebrate your valentine by adding honor you can give a bouquet of pink lilies. The colors of lilies bouquet show the royalty and reflect some extra romance as these show passion.


The brilliant color of tulips delightfully prompts your special love and attention and fills you with an unforgettable fragrance.

White Daisies

Valentine's day becomes cheerful and bright if you present a bouquet or flower to your valentine then it is better than any other gift or its worth is not decline than any other thing. White daisies famous as a flower of innocence.

Calla Lilies

This flower is the modern choice of people and best for Valentine's Day. It is a sign of sophistication and distinctiveness and recognize as the perfect complement for your cherished.


It is a perky floral not too common on valentine's day its bouquet is endearingly and attractive. This flower show care so giving a flower to someone means you care about that person.


This flower is a luxurious choice for decent people and an expensive flower. This eye-catching flower shows charisma and allure and lights up the room as well.

These flowers are renowned as the most liked flowers for valentine's day. Doubtlessly flower is a name of delicacy fragrance flowers are eye-catching and leave an ever-lasting fragrance and beauty.

Celebrations Of Valentine’s Day

The most prominent way of celebrating this day is with valentine wishes or greeting, or to serve their lovers with a bouquet of chocolate or sending cakes and candies. These are the custom. Generally, many couples or lovers did celebrate this stunning day with their partners. Many people worldwide follow different strategies, some having dinners or enjoying the full day with their beloved or sweethearts, some wishing by messages and cards, and someone are so excited that they even leave no rock unturned to splash the rain of love.

Valentine's Day Symbolize Love

The most common symbols of Valentine's Day are red roses, hearts, and cupids. It is a love and affection festival, and most people present cards or flowers to their spouse or partner.

The Romans used to call this festival Lupercalia, which is held in the middle of the month and boys drew names of girls from a box. Anyhow the 14th of February is considered a day of romance.

Valentine's Day List Of Valentine's Week

Valentine's week starts from 7th February to 14th February. Celebrate this Valentine's Week with our best collection of many Valentine's Day gifts.

Rose Day

Rose day is celebrated as the first day of valentine's week. The enthusiasm of people on a rose day is at its peak they propose to their girlfriend by giving roses or bouquets of roses. The spectacular increase in purchasing roses seems on that day.

Propose Day

To propose to your loved one is a great feeling and the person must remember that day in their memory. So 8th February is considered the proposed day of valentine's week. 

Chocolate Day

This day is dedicated to chocolate day, and the exchange of chocolates is also fun. A chocolate gift to your friend boost the beauty in a relationship and add sweetness to their feeling for each other. Chocolate cakes or chocolates are a nice gift to delight your friend with a loving sensation.

Teddy Day

To express your internal emotions by gifting a teddy is the best option across the world. Celebrating a teddy day has significance. Teddy bear is the essence of ultimate loveliness, and its delightful cuddly hug can increase its magic in a lover’s relationship.

Promise Day

11th February mostly counts as a promising day, and the lovers promise each other that they fulfill their promises in the future. As the promise is the root of every relationship. To keep healthy relationship, trust and promise play a key role in lovers' relations.  

Hug Day

To show eternal love towards their partner hug day is celebrated. A hug is a way to tell your beloved how much you are involved in your lover's love as it expresses your feeling, care, protection, and affection towards you.

Kiss Day

Kiss day is the day to exchange a kiss between couples to show the purity of relationships. It is a golden opportunity to tell how fair they both are and the best way to express their love through their cute gesture.

All flowers and chocolate add a special touch and feel when given to its recipient on Valentine's Day. Gifting valentines flowers and chocolates seem a great activity on this tremendous Day of Valentine's. Arabian Petals fulfills the demands of their customers 24 hours a day on any occasion.