A variety of Christmas gifts are exchanged within the family and friends and with deserving peoples. Santa Claus is regarding as the Father Christmas and a legendry character in Western Christian culture distributing gifts and meals among poor people and kids.##bottom##

Christmas is a religious or cultural celebration that celebrates the whole world. In the Gregorian calendar, 25th December is the date when most Christians celebrate their event and the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the day when the public national holiday is announced and celebrated religiously by a majority of Christians. It is a trend that Christmas starts the Santa Claus bringing gifts to children during this season. In many regions of the world in the past few centuries, the financial crash of Christmas has developed randomly.

On 25th December the celebrations of Christmas day are at their peak. The people on Christmas celebrate the merriments in different ways. Most people decorate their homes and exchange gifts and parcels and visit friends and family relations.

Christmas cake

The magical Christmas comes every year or brings a lot of gladness and laughter among people. On the occasion of merriments, the addition of sweetness is an essential factor cake, chocolates, and desserts are the common things of celebration.

 Here we listed some of the top famous richly desserts and flawlessly spiced Christmas cakes.

  • The embellished fondant gold stars with snowflakes or dusty shimmering edible glitter Waitrose and partner's no. 1 Fruited Christmas cake rated as the most wanted cake on Christmas.
  • M & S Christmas cake got the second position looked adorn with snowflakes and pearls and admiring taste and at the runner up in the best Christmas cake category.
  • Booths sherry and rum iced Christmas cake that topped with gingerbread man-shaped
  • The fruity aroma with edible gold holly wreath and candied citrus peel make it adorable.
  • Daylesford organic Christmas cake is an impressive cake with fruit and nuts tops. Traditionally this taste of the cake is most liked by people, with the chewy vine fruit, cherries, orange, apricot, and crunchy nuts.
  • Meg rivers stag traditionally fully iced Christmas cake with the aroma of butter, ginger, and clove.

Christmas Floral Arrangement

The addition of Christmas floral arrangements to your Christmas holidays from red bouquets to crisp white centrepieces makes it more gorgeous and fascinating.

Here are few Christmas flower arrangements that make your Christmas fragrant and colourful:

  • Rosy red and pink these desirable sweet hues make the bouquets quite enchanting
  • Petals and pinecones are the perfect bouquet that can warm up wintertime gatherings
  • Sophisticated centrepiece if harmonizing with gold stand then absolutely it enhances the festive trumpets in Christmas season
  • Green and white with a pop of red is affix by green and white or silver eucalyptus in bouquets give a lovely look
  • Dainty and sweet tablescape flower add the cheer of the holiday season
  • Neutral, earthy-toned arrangement known as the beautiful woodsy arrangement and the caramel antique garden flowers craft your houses adorable
  • Effortlessly elegant flowers paired with rustic compote
  • Hints of citrus and blush blends amazingly give the jewels tones to your centrepieces
  • Cheery red classic Christmas bouquet of succulents and the addition of snowberries seems more of a seasonal touch
  • Pink tones with traditional red are perfect for this Christmas
  • Overflow of flowers with dark colours
  • Simply rich consist of ranunculus, dahlias are an immediately festive way to décor
  • Copper and cotton arrangement
  • Garden grown charm brightens classic Christmas tablescape
  • Pop of colour with an elegant bouquet

During the Christmas season, when loved ones and friends gather and spend time with each other or make memories delightful at that time the house decoration matters a lot. Bouquets present a tremendous role at Christmas times.

Christmas Cakes And Flowers

Christmas cake and flower considers the best thing to be gifted at Christmas, traditionally these items are the best to share with your family and friends. Flowers are always used to express your feelings and emotions on any occasion these cakes make the parties delicious and scrumptious. Truly Christmas means to bring the greatest pleasure to others.

Best Christmas Cakes

At the Christmas festival, the theme is to spread love and cheerfulness everywhere among the people as Christians mark Christmas as the birth of their Jesus Christ, so to enjoy the celebration and holiday people love to spend their time with families, friends, and their loving relations.

Here is a list of some best Christmas cakes that you can send across the UAE by staying anywhere in Dubai by different Arabian Petals delivery services and by using other websites.

  • Classic chocolate Yule log
  • Christmas cupcakes adoring variety
  • Tiramisu cake
  • Turtle cheesecake with coffee liqueur
  • Red velvet cake with luscious white cream cheese frosting
  • Neapolitan ice cream cake or stunning brownie base topped
  • Peppermint bark cheesecake with the scrumptious creamy filling
  • Chocolate Christmas candy cane cake
  • Special Christmas tree cupcakes

Christmas Cakes Online

No gesture is more exciting than receiving the endearing gift from your dear one, so if the physical presence is impossible then makes the perfect moment by sending a gift at the exact time is quite satisfying.

Christmas is knocking at the door so make it tremendous by gifting cake and flowers.  The delectable cakes greet every event by adding love, happiness, and prosperity. Arabian Petals delivery services send a variety of the best Christmas cakes and flowers in Dubai and UAE.

The celebrations and commemoration never be measured complete without cakes. The online promising delivery services help people to complete their celebration with full enjoyments. The lip-smacking flavours of the cake mostly relish your taste buds and never dishearten you in terms of excellence and timely delivery.

Christmas Chocolate Cakes

Chocolates are the hot favourite item of the young generation and if the cakes are baked with chocolate then the chocolate cake makes your Christmas a memorable event. A cake should decorate with chocolate trees and the dust of a tiny bit of cocoa powder makes your Christmas chocolatier.

Here are few famed Christmas chocolate cakes:

  • Christmas chocolate tree cake appears delectable when topping with icing sugar and draw a tree with it
  • Buttercream icing with golden edible sprinkles of chocolate
  • Marshmallows chocolate cake with dark and white chocolate
  • Christmas tree decoration with chocolates chunks and crunch
  • White snow icing with chocolate shaving

Christmas Fruit Cakes

Fruit cake is a cake in which dried fruits and nuts are used and mostly served with tea and at breakfast time. Fruit cake is a hot favourite confectionary item of almost all age group people. In the Middle East and across Dubai and UAE these items are most used at Christmas time and to serve people at tea time.

Christmas fruit cakes are moist and rich with dried fruits and nuts. In these cases, the addition of fondant or frosting is completely nil but you can also serve it with custards or store it in your freezer for a week.

A Christmas fruit cake must have few qualities like:

  • It must be fudgy and moist and not much dry.
  • The texture of the cake should be soft and velvety.
  • Not too much peel and less citrus flavour.
  • It should be delicious and soggy enough and sweeten in taste.
  • If a cake is a fruit cake then the addition of soaked dried fruits is essential.

 At Christmas times, the use of cakes and flowers are always at the top as without such items the expression of contentment and glee looked hard.