Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims and in this Muslim fast during the whole month, and in Ramadan, the holy book Quran of Muslims revealed to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It is the ninth month of the year according to the Islamic month. It is the fifth pillar of Islam, and it starts from sunrise to sunset. ##bottom##

To experience Islamic traditions at Ramadan Dubai is the best place to visit. At this time of the year, many things contemplate whenever visiting any Muslim State. During Ramadan in Dubai, people must respect the law and order of the local culture because of fasting.

At the starting of Ramadan public is not allowed to eat and drink at the public spots during fasting, and this thing truly reflects cultural respect and greetings. Invitation of Iftar parties and special salat or prayers are quite common. People recite the holy Quran and fasting the whole month that ends up with a reward of Eid. In Ramadan, it is noticed that people exchange Ramadan gifts with their friends and family, simply this type of sharing becomes a reason to enhance and love and gratification among people.

Ramadan Gifts

Many Words Are Used For Greeting Ramadan Like:

  • Ramadan Mubarak
  • Ramadan Kareem

These greetings are normally spoken in the entire fasting. Ramadan starts and finished with prayers that show Allah Almighty and people's sacrifice or love towards Allah. Variety of gifts and love share with people during Ramadan. The gift of dates and chocolate-coated dates are the top class gift that normally relatives and friends exchange with each other. The precious collection of dates are desirable and Muslims used to have it at the time of Iftar.

Sharjah Ramadan Festival

In Sharjah in many areas special Ramadan festivals are arranged for people where deals and promotions are offering by malls and shops from the starting of Ramadan till the end of this holy month. The abundance of promotions and variety of events conducted during the Sharjah festival of Ramadan.

Many shops and malls proposing discounts and offer a variety of deals that are specially organized for Ramadan elegance. The business community in Sharjah will stimulate economic commotion and sustenance.

Ramadan in Dubai

Numerous online Ramadan gifts and a large collection of Ramadan gifts are obtainable at voluminous shops and websites during the whole Ramadan twenty-four hours a day. All these gifts and edible things are manageable at reasonable prices which must suit our budget. The combos and exciting gift hampers and many other varieties of personalized gifts are special for Ramadan.

Ramadan Gift Ideas

Amply of brands in the sacred month of Ramadan offers an inclusive variety of Ramadan corporate gifts and such type of treatment. To enhance brand awareness and strengthen your relations with your friends and family the Ramadan gifts will allow you to connect them and keep this association strong. Here are some Ramadan gift ideas that make life soothing and comfortable.

Dates and Bateel Dates

The appetizing and luscious dates are the charm of Ramadan and offer a world-class taste. Dates are good in taste as well good for health, these are most energetic and will leave a yummy flavor in your taste buds. The sweet taste of dates is quite different from other desserts and sweets. Arabic people used to eat dates and nuts in major quantities.

Fruits And Flower Baskets

If you are looking for an ideal gift that will prove memorable and would be healthy then a fruit basket this Ramadan will be a good option. Fresh and healthy fruits having loads of nutrients that are beneficial for people's health. So to wish their friends and family members by sending a fruit basket with good wishes and prosperity in Ramadan is the best way to express your sincerity.

Dry Fruits or Hamper

Giving a basket or a hamper of dry fruits is a quite expensive gift that must be enriched with taste and health. These crunchy dry fruits will elation your flavor buds, as almonds, cashews, nuts, and pistachios are the hot favorite of people.

Sweets And Confectionery Items

At every festival or ceremony sweets in Dubai are the most essential part and no event becomes completed without sweets and desserts. During the Ramadan celebration sweets like; dates, pettifog, baklava, barfi, and chocolate are commonly eaten at iftar time. These sweet bites add more happiness and gratification to life.

Cakes and Flowers Combo

Flower and cake are an ideal gift to be given at Ramadan time. The mesmerizing flowers and cakes are highly desirable and the arrangements prepared are best for Ramadan time. The Ramadan flower bouquet that is prepared with a combo of cake conveys the wishes to your family member in a very good way. The exclusive range of Ramadan gifts is available at Arabian Petals which is a top-class brand in Dubai and Sharjah.

Perfumes And Arabic Attar

Arabic cologne and aromas are purely made by perfume oils obtained from fresh flowers. These Attars are commonly used by men and women that give an ultimate fragrance and this fragrance stays for many hours. This considers an adoring gift during Ramadan time. Perfumes and scent become the reason to enhance the charm and attraction of people's personality.

Gifts for Ramadan

Ramadan is a matter of spiritual wills. It is the scared and solemn month, it is the month of good deeds when we have time off peace and prayers. Between dawn and dusk when a Muslim fast that time a person can realize the hunger conditions of any poor person who cannot afford the food. At this month people used to share gifts with their dear ones and in Dubai, a variety of ideas are helpful that make the life of people even.

No doubt Ramadan is measured as a way of showing gratification and appreciation to Allah for his Almighty blessing and love. Arabian Petals offer a wide range of collection of Ramadan Gift to its clients and customers.