Islamic New Year | Hijri New Year 2020 In United Arab Emirates

Aug 23 , 2020

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Islamic New Year | Hijri New Year 2020 In United Arab Emirates

Islam considers the most sacred religion in the world and generally followed by Muslims and it is the second religion in the world after Christianity because the followers of Islam are in the second number. Muslims all the world believe that Allah is the only creator of the whole universe and Mohammad peace be upon him is the last prophet of Allah and belief that the entire universe demolished except Allah.

There are many countries in the world but every country follows its own culture and religion and in these states, Islam is the purest and popular religion which is followed by Muslims.

The Islamic New Year is also called the Hijri New Year and in this year the emigration of Muhammad and all his followers move Medina from Mecca known as the Hijra. Almost all the activities and religious duties, all celebrations and festivals, holy prayers and pilgrimage, or all the momentous events are settled according to the Islamic calendar.

The first Islamic month of the Islamic calendar is Muharram that is the most respected month of the Islamic calendar.

Hijri New Year

The Islamic New Year is also considered the Arabic New Year the beginning of Muharram is the first Islamic month according to the Islamic calendar. The Hijri year starts in AD 622, with the emigration of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad from Mecca to Medina. With the sunset, the Islamic date changes in the Islamic calendar. So the Islamic New Year falls different to the Gregorian calendar according to the day shorter and longer.

Hijri New Year is celebrated by the Muslims in the world,  as it symbolizes two important days as first is the first day of Muharram second is the start of Hijri year.

In the Islamic Calendar

In the Islamic calendar, the months confirmed by the revolution of a moon other than the sun and the Islamic calendar is lunar. If we compare Gregorian or Islamic calendar then it is clear that the Islamic calendar goes backward by about eleven or ten days every year. So the official's dates may not be announced before time. In 2020 the New Year begins on 19th August, Wednesday at sundown. The first sighting of the lunar crescent in the month of Muharram determines the start of the calendar.

Happy Islamic New Year

In most Islamic countries of the world, the first day of Muharram and the starting of the Islamic New Year holiday declare. The Muslim era corresponds with the Hijra, the migration on the first day of Muharram start as a consequence of the intentions somebody needed to displace Prophet Mohammad to finish him. That's the reason Prophet choose to move to a town Yathrib which is known today as Medina.

In reality, this emigration provides freedom from the suffering it is declared by the Prophet Mohammad that Islam is the religion of unity and faith the ideology of universal brotherhood is clear with a unique identity.

Although the New Year celebrations in the whole world with fireworks and other entertainment but a holy month of Muharram start with grief majority of Muslims mark Ashura that commemorates the martyrdom of Husain Ibn Ali. Among Shia and Sunni Muslims the traditions and customs are diverge related to Muharram.

The Islamic New Year Muharram

 Muharram considers the most respectful and sanctified month of the Islamic calendar after Ramadan. Based on the lunar Hijri calendar Muharram is the holy month and at the first Islamic month in the calendar.

Ashura that mark on the 10th of Muharram believed an important day in Islamic history. On that day Sunni and Shia activities are different and their beliefs are also varying.

For the community which belongs to the Sunni, they began their Islamic new year with peace and prosperity and symbolize peace and calm.

For those who relate to the Shia family and follow the Shia branch this month show momentous, somber and solemn. In the battle of Karbala that took place in the year 680 AD, the day of Ashura when Husain the grandson of Prophet Muhammad was murdered, due to such injustice and viciousness of the battle when fighting is forbidden, many Shia families mourn and memorize the bravery of the Prophet family.

Muharram is a Respectful and Holy Month

Muharram with all of its convolution and intricacy is a month of deep reflection for Muslims in the entire world.  Muslims in the world do not blot Islamic New year with the public carnivals or celebrations, rather it is different from the Gregorian calendar and no celebrations tribute this month.

It announced that the Hijri New Year holiday for the Islamic year 1442 in the United Arab Emirates will be Saturday or Sunday 22nd and 23rd or again the regular working hours start on Monday. The holidays of Ashura in all the Muslim countries will announce at the start of Muharram.

Muslims in the whole world do not rejoice the Islamic New Year with a public celebration.

Al-Hijra (Islamic New Year) is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed. Covered bazaar in Ardabil in the northwest of Iran where black banners and flags with Arabic writing mark the month of Muharram, the Islamic month of mourning.

Muharram in Sunni and Shia Community

No doubt the Muslims in the world united they don't care either they are Sunni or Shia but in some communities, this conflict is in quite a serious stage. Shia specially arranges processions and mourning at nine or tenth Muharram. Some Muslims fast on these two days and attend special prayers and meetings in mosque or homes. Muslims in both groups observe sometimes behave in the same manner.

Significance Of Muharram The First Islamic Month In Islamic Calendar

The meaning noticed of Muharram is forbidden and Shia Muslims spot the ritual mourning start from first of Muharram and continue this grief at a tenth of Muharram, they also flagellating themselves with sword and sharp objects on the 9th and 10th Muharram.

If we move in history than its clear that the Muslims Islamic New Year begins with grief and sorrow that’s why there is not any special celebration noticed at the start of New Year if we compare it with Gregorian's calendar.

Well, the Islamic new year is not a national event of UAE, but always celebrated according to different communities Sunni and Shia by there way and culture.

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