National Symbols of UAE

Jul 28 , 2020

Arabian Petals

National Symbols of UAE

The United Arab Emirates is the world-famous state people often would aspiration and ambition to live there.  It précised that the people live there having a luxurious lifestyle; it is also famous for its gigantic buildings and malls. Burj Khalifa that is situated, in Dubai, considered the world tallest building, Safari desert, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Burj Al Arab, and many other places that formulate UAE and Dubai well-known states.

The United Arab Emirates is the country of seven states made a federation on 2nd December 197. With the union of these seven states, build UAE strong or famous country, and every state is popular for its individuality. The various symbols of this region were normally characterized by its federal union.  

There is a long list of its national symbols all the symbols of UAE show, its power and strength, and its seven sheikdoms named Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain and this all would be done by the efforts of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and now these states are identified by the name of Emirates of the UAE.

So there are lots of symbols and emblems are here to represent UAE.

List Of UAE’s National Symbol

To signify the federal union there is a long list that stands for the national symbols of UAE. In UAE, so much to be experienced and for tourism, National Flag, National Anthem, National Emblem, UAE Currency, UAE National Day, National Bird, National Animal, National Flower and etc. It ranked highly at the top position to visit. All the symbols of the UAE stand it as a powerful nation.

The National Flag of the UAE

The national flag of the UAE having four colors green, white, black, and red all these colors demonstrate the unity and strength of Arabians. As white shows, the peace, green color refers to agriculture, red stand for sword and black is the darkness of battles. Almost 1000 designers first announced to design it but in the end, only six were selected, and eventually, it was designed by Emirati whose name is Abdullah Mohammad, who is enthused by a poem and poems the main theme is unity. A flag is an important symbol of any of the kingdom it characterizes citizens and its values.

The UAE National Anthem

After the formation of the federation in 1971, the national anthem was officially authorized. After listening to the national anthem the feeling of pride and gladness emerges every person of the nation feels patriotism and belongingness. National anthem offers a sense to humans that he is united and together. UAE national anthem is officially called Ishi Biladi that means long live my nation and an Egyptian composer Mohammad Abdul was nominated to compose the national anthem of UAE.    

The National Emblem of the UAE

The most notable national symbols of UAE are the national emblem, it is also called the UAE coat of arms and it is denoted by a falcon. There is a UAE flag at the heart of emblem with the seven stars around it that simply embody the harmony, accord, settlement of these seven states. In 2008 emblem has modified the falcon seven feathers show the emirates, falcon holds a disk of red color which is surrounded by a chain all this reflects the growth and strength of UAE over the years. This golden falcon illustrates the heritage of the UAE.

UAE Currency

The UAE currency is United Arab Emirates dirham simply it is known as Emirati dirham. The abbreviations that used for dirham are AED, officially, and unofficially Dh and Dhs. On 19th May 1973, it was officially adopted the UAE currency as dirham, it is an Arabic word dirham is further subdivided into 100 fils. 

What is the National Bird of UAE?

The national bird of UAE is the falcons that are a fast-flying hunter and confine its prey in the air. It rated at the top position of the biological pyramid. Falcon mostly kills its prey with its beak it has sharp claws that help to strike or grasp its prey. The national bird shows strength, courage, and force. In Arab tradition, it is regarded as a shy and uncommon bird but now it is seriously facing ecological risks. Falcons commonly founded at great heights so to observe the falcon for a long time is quite difficult. There is a sign of falcon seen on the banknotes and the heart of the emblem.

What is the National Animal of UAE?

Arabian oryx is the UAE's national animal is also known as the Al Maha. Due to the vast desert camel is also known as the UAE animal it is a common misconception. This Arabian animal extinct in the wild randomly UAE and Saudi Arabia covered this problem.  Antelope is the species, herbivores depend on all its diet on the grass. It has a strong sense of smell as it can even smell water from miles away. The Arabian oryx is also the national animal of other countries.

What is the National Fruit of UAE?

The national fruit of UAE is the dates that are grown in abundance, it is most like by Arabs. Dates have a religious significance in the Islamic world as our prophet HAZARD Mohammad must break his fast by eating dates. Arab people like different varieties of dates available in UAE also export dates to many other countries. Dates are also mentioned in the Holy Quran at least 20 times.

What is the National Tree of UAE?

Al Ghaf is the national tree of UAE and is commonly known as Prosopis cineraria. It is also known as the year of tolerance initiative. This tree is illegal to cut down is a tree of the desert that is an evergreen tree. It is a multiple beneficial tree and best for improving soil fertility. It is also the best source of shelter for humans and animals.

So all these symbols construct a united kingdom of UAE, that is well-known for its strong seven Emirates. 

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