History, Meaning, And Significance Of Tulip Flower

Sep 24 , 2020

Shabbir Anjum

History, Meaning, And Significance Of Tulip Flower

Flowers are the colorful and bright part of nature and spread beauty and fragrance everywhere. Flowers always seem the best gift for your friend and family, as they looked lovely or pretty at your table, in your room, office, schools, and hospitals or at any place. Flowers have the power to brighter the surroundings, and it is a gift that comes endemic with symbolism like a rose is not a rose but having a strong message itself. 

The Tulip flowers are the most liked and most wanted flower in the world. Tulip is the best kind of flower with the best aroma. It is seen that tulip popularity continues to endure. Tulips are available in different colors, and each color symbolizes the different connotations and implications. 

With all the sentiments and meanings of tulip, it has surprising popularity. Tulips are the world-famous flower found in Persia and Turkey in centuries ago.

Tulips History And Meaning

The tulip is the flower of love and affection. Although all the flowers got the same meaning, few flowers are famous for their name and fame. It is a colorful bloom, not a big or small size but an accurate flower which always is a sign of perfect love couples or lovers use this flower to express their affection and passion which they have for each other.

The people of Europe give the name of this flower "Tulip" as it belongs to the Liliaceous family. In Turkey and Persia, the tulip flower has cultural significance, and the Turkish people used to wear it. In the 17th century, the tulip flower got popularity in the Netherlands. 

Tulips Popularity And Its Origin

Tulip means perfect love. It is famous for centuries; this love is tied about the legendry story between Shirin and Farhad. These two are the main characters; unfortunately, Shirin is murdered in such a situation. Farhad rides his horse, where his blood touches the ground, a red tulip grows, representing the true meaning of perfect love.

So the obvious meaning of tulip is deep love and passion, which most people used to show its love.

Cultural Significance Of Tulip

Tulip has its cultural value during the 16th century in Turkey at that time; it was an expensive flower. With the passing time, it's valueless as its prices drop, and in the 17th century, most people are not buying these blubs. In the Netherlands, it was so popular that a gargantuan tulip garden builds, and almost every year they celebrate National Tulip Day in January. Most people in that garden come and take a free bouquet of tulip flowers; this ceremony shows the beginning of tulip season. The tulip is the flower of spring, and it is admired by people.

Tulips Beauty Attracts Everyone

Tulips are quite loving flower as they steal the eyes and hearts in the world; around a hundred different species of tulip flowers have been discovered thousands of tulip varieties are noticed. Its star shape looks very attractive and is mostly used in decoration and for décor purposes in different ceremonies.

Few Amazing Facts About Tulips

The vibrant color of the tulip flower makes it a part of every event, as it symbolizes deep love and affection; people used it for its love sign when they have short of words.

It is a seasonal flower here. Come to know some of the facts about this flower:

  • The amazing variety of tulip makes it famous as about 3,000 cultivated varieties of tulip searched and some species of tulip discovered.
  • If the multi-colored bouquet served, then it's a compliment of the receiver's eye.
  • Tulip is also considered a sign of Parkinson's disease foundation that starts using this flower in 1980.
  • In the sixteen century, its known the world's expensive flower that people value this flower more than homes. It cost ten times expensive than property.
  • Tulips are perfectly symmetrical, and it's a six petal flower.
  • At one time, Holland was a great export of tulip flowers behind cheese and herring.
  • Tulip name instigated from the Persian word del band that means turban.
  • Tulip Mania was the name of a tulip when tulips were considered extremely valuable.
  • The tulip is just famous like a lily flower, and they both are the flower of spring.
  • Tulips, just because of its sunny and vivid colors quite popular and it is found in almost every color except classic blue and having deep purple color and because of it, tulip called the Queen of the Night.
  • Tulips during the second world war frequently eaten by the Dutch famine. It is ingested but still at that time, people used its petals for eating purposes.
  • Mostly tulips are used for the purpose of garnish in salads and other dessert and sweet dishes.

Tulips Different Colors Meaning And Significance

Flowers associated with the meaning of adore and warmth, but its different color gives a perfect choice according to the position. Here different colors of tulips define various meanings of appreciation like deep love, sentiments, passionate feeling, or might be a romance.

Red Tulips

From centuries it is noticed that red color is the sign of passionate love and affection. The bouquet of red tulip flowers is normally presented to its spouse at the tenth anniversary for showing sincere love.

Yellow Tulip

In ancient times yellow tulip flowers consider a sign of hopelessness, but in the modern era, it is a symbol of friendship.

White Tulip

In the case of apology, white tulip flower bouquet is perfect to be given to your friend and family.

Pink Tulips

Pink tulip flowers bouquet must give to your friend in case of new achievement or a new job. It signifies happiness and confidence.

Purple Tulip

This amazing color bloom shows the monarchs and royalty, and if you want to express your sensations in a royal way, then a bouquet of purple tulip flowers is perfect.

Black Tulips

Black Tulip is one of the gorgeous forms of Tulip flowers. Black tulips surely make your wedding and every event stylist.

Doubtlessly tulips are the great selection for online delivery for your dear one, and a variety of hues help for better implication.

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