Which is the National Flower of UAE?

Aug 21 , 2023

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Which is the National Flower of UAE?

Flowers, often symbols of beauty and emotion, hold a special place in the identity of nations. However, not every country designates a national flower. This distinction carries cultural, symbolic, and sometimes medicinal significance. In the context of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the national flower, Tribulus Omanense, emerges as a unique emblem, reflecting both the nation's values and its resilience in harsh climates.

The Significance of a National Flower: A Symbol of Identity

Global Perspectives on National Flowers

Countries worldwide often choose a national flower that encapsulates their values and embodies their cultural ethos. However, some Arab nations, like Saudi Arabia and Oman, diverge from this tradition, lacking a designated national flower. In contrast, the majority of countries across the globe opt for a floral symbol that resonates with their identity.

Tribulus Omanense: The Desert Jewel of the UAE

Nurturing Diversity in Harsh Climates

The United Arab Emirates, with its hot and arid climate, boasts a remarkable array of flora, and amidst this diversity, Tribulus Omanense stands out as the national flower. This resilient blossom thrives in harsh desert landscapes and adapts to colder climates, making it a fitting emblem for a nation with diverse environments.

Unique Features of Tribulus Omanense

Tribulus Omanense, with its distinctive five-petal structure and diminutive leaves, undergoes pollination primarily through insects. Its adaptability to different climates symbolizes the resilience of the UAE, a nation that thrives despite challenging conditions. The flower's significance extends beyond its aesthetic appeal, vital to the region's ecology.

The Symbolism and Meaning Behind Tribulus Omanense

Colorful Expression of Values

The vibrant hues of Tribulus Omanense, blending with shades of green, evoke feelings of elation, ecstasy, bliss, and joy. In the context of the UAE, this flower holds a deeper meaning, symbolizing the values of egalitarianism, equality, and brotherhood. Its singular yellow color aligns with the principles of social equality, fostering a sense of justice and unity within the community.

Utilitarian Aspects of Tribulus Omanense

Medicinal Properties and Cultural Uses

Beyond its symbolic significance, Tribulus Omanense harbors certain chemicals with potential medicinal benefits. Traditionally, various parts of the plant find application in diverse therapeutic realms. From treating nose tumors to addressing kidney disorders and promoting heart health, the uses of Tribulus Omanense extend beyond symbolism, delving into the practical aspects of healthcare.

Promoting Hormonal Balance

Tribulus Omanense, while not a magical elixir for hormonal balance, has found applications in animal healthcare. Its chemical composition suggests potential benefits in mitigating kidney disorders heart problems, and even enhancing athletic performance. In traditional medicine, it has been explored for its role in digestion, addressing intestinal issues, and serving as a mood enhancer.

Tribulus Omanense: A Cultural Love Affair in the UAE

Abundance and Availability

The extensive cultivation of Tribulus Omanense across the UAE underscores its importance. The flower's ample availability within the country has played a role in its selection as the national emblem. Its prevalence throughout the nation signifies a symbol and a living entity, thriving in abundance and reflecting the country's commitment to its values.

Yellow Color Symbolism

The exclusive yellow hue of Tribulus Omanense holds cultural significance, symbolizing brotherhood and friendship. In the UAE's cultural narrative, this flower becomes more than a mere emblem; it becomes a loveable symbol, resonating with the nation's ethos of camaraderie and unity.

Journey Beyond Borders: Tribulus Omanense in Dubai and Sharjah

Dubai's Floral Landscape

With its incredible gardens meticulously managed by top florists, Dubai becomes a canvas for the vibrant hues of Tribulus Omanense. Arabian Petals, a top-class flower company, plays a pivotal role in Dubai's floral tapestry. Amidst the towering structures, the flower is a testament to the beauty that blooms in the city.

Floral Marvels in Sharjah

Sharjah, where tradition harmonizes with modernity, witnesses the artistry of professional florists. Brands like Arabian Petals contribute to the marvels of events and festivals in Sharjah, weaving the yellow tapestry of Tribulus Omanense into the city's cultural fabric.

Arabian Petals: Orchestrating Floral Excellence

Arabian Petals in Dubai

In Dubai, Arabian Petals emerges as a beacon of floral excellence. Arabian Petals enriches Dubai's floral scene with an array of hand flower bouquets, flower box arrangements, and vibrant colors. The diversity and vibrancy of bouquets mirror the eclectic beauty of Dubai itself.

Arabian Petals in Sharjah

With its rich cultural heritage, Sharjah finds a floral ally in Arabian Petals. As the city's events come alive with the touch of professional florists, Arabian Petals stands at the forefront, contributing to the floral wonders that captivate Sharjah's residents and visitors alike.

Tribulus Omanense: A Living Poem in Petals

Floral Elegance in Ajman

Ajman, a haven for heartfelt expressions, experiences the artistry of Tribulus Omanense through online flower shops. The quality collection, including the offerings of Arabian Petals, brings floral elegance to every expression of love and friendship. The yellow hues of Tribulus Omanense resonate with the vibrant spirit of Ajman.

Floral Wonders Across the Emirates: Beyond Dubai and Sharjah

Abu Dhabi's Floral Symphony

The capital city, Abu Dhabi, adorned with the national flower Tribulus Omanense, becomes a canvas for a floral symphony. Florists in Abu Dhabi contribute to this visual spectacle, where every bouquet is a melody, and every arrangement is a stanza in the ongoing poem of emotions.

Floral Riches in Ajman

With its online flower shops and quality collections, Ajman experiences the richness of floral wonders. Arabian Petals and their counterparts contribute to a floral landscape that mirrors the beauty of emotions, making Ajman a hub of floral elegance.

The Ever-Blooming Legacy: Tribulus Omanense as a Timeless Emblem

Legacy of Tribulus Omanense

Tribulus Omanense, beyond being a national flower, becomes a timeless emblem that embodies the spirit and values of the UAE. Its legacy extends beyond symbolism, permeating the nation's cultural, ecological, and even medicinal aspects. The ever-blooming presence of Tribulus Omanense signifies not just a floral identity but a living, breathing entity in the heart of the United Arab Emirates.


In the intricate tapestry of the UAE's cultural and floral landscape, Tribulus Omanense stands tall as a symbol of resilience, unity, and the vibrant spirit of the nation. From the bustling streets of Dubai to the cultural havens of Sharjah and beyond, the flower's legacy continues to bloom, weaving a story that transcends borders and speaks the language of petals.

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