Sep 23 , 2022

Shabbir Anjum

A Deeper looking into the symbolism of the colour of Roses

A Deeper looking into the symbolism of the colour of Roses


I’m sure we’ve all seen a rose before. It’s one of the most common and well known flowers out there! The best part is that they are available in multiples colours. There are 16 colours of roses with red, white, pink and yellow being the most ordered. Roses date back all the way to the Victorian Era, where Victorian poets romanticized the various colours of roses in their writing and developing an entire new language and art while doing so. “Roses have always captured gardeners and people as far back as the ancient Romans,” says Stephen Scanniello, curator of the NYBG's Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden, which houses more than 650 varieties of roses

But, have you ever taken the time to see what each colour means? Well, you’re going to find out today! I’m going to show you the meaning of each colour so you can choose which one perfectly fits your occasion.


Red Roses:-

One of the most well-known roses is the red rose which symbolizes love and romance. This royal shade of rose has been used across many cultures and has been understood to show love and passion. Perfect for your significant other but be sure to give it to them with your right hand “its bad luck to carry a bouquet of red roses in your left hand and give them to your loved one,” says Scanniello.


Burgundy Roses:-

These dark shade of roses represent unconscious beauty of the person you are gifting them to. Another fact, in the Victorian Era, it is known that the darker the shade of the rose, the more passion is signifies. According to this, Burgundy roses symbolize a deeper passion, even more than that of a red rose.




White Rose:-

The light and soft touch of this rose symbolizes loyalty, purity and innocence. This is also a common flower and colour choice amongst brides on wedding days. White roses can also represent eternal love, a new start and fresh beginnings.


Ivory Roses:-

This off-white coloured roses can show someone you care for them without any ‘romantic intentions’. It might be a bit similar to its floral cousin, white roses but it symbolizes a completely different term. Ivory roses symbolizes charm, thoughtfulness and gracefulness while also representing richness and perfection. 

Yellow Roses:-

These bright, rays of sunshine were known to symbolize jealousy and infidelity in the past. In modern days, it’s known to symbolize friendship between two good friends. Could be gifted on any occasion to make it special with bright, shining roses.

Yellow with Red Tip Roses:-

A one of a kind rose that has both a mix of red and yellow. It’s knows to symbolize happiness and cheerfulness. It can represent friendship and staring to fall in love at the same time. A perfect gift for a lover or your crush.

Light Pink Roses:-

This light shade of its red cousin symbolizes grace, gentleness, joy, and happiness. It can also represent innocent romantic love for early stages of a relationship or for a teen relationship.


Dark Pink Roses:-

This dark shade represents gratitude and appreciation, as a way to say thanks to someone. It’s a perfect flower to brighten up anyone’s day. An Friend, Family or Lover would happily accept this gift.

Peach Roses:-

This light, skin coloured rose can be used to symbolize modesty, genuineness, sincerity and gratitude. It can be to say thanks or would be an appropriate shade to gift when closing a business deal, for example.

Orange Roses:-

The bright, eye catching coloured roses symbolize intense feelings of care, affection, loyalty. It can be for anyone you care about, family, friends, BFF or lover. It can also represent energy, excitement, and even admiration.

Coral Roses:-

This rose looks like a genetic mutation of the pink and orange rose but it of course, has a different meaning. This pretty shade symbolizes enthusiasm & desire. A perfect gift for someone you would like to know or would like to spend time with.

 Cherry Brandy Roses:-

Want someone to know that you love and appreciate them? Well this beautiful bicolour shade of red and orange symbolizes enthusiasm and gratitude. Perfect for showing someone that you really love having them in your life.



Purple Roses:-

This royal shade of a colours symbolizes special meanings like royalty and majesty. To show someone that you look up to them and really value their opinion. These roses are perfect for love at first sight and a blooming relationship.

Dark Purple Roses:-

This Dark colour is another reference to the Victorian era, showing that the darker the colours, the more passion you show. This rose symbolizes mature romance or a long lasting love. A perfect gift for your wedding anniversary.

Blue Roses:-

Even though this shade isn’t natural or genetically made, it still has its own meaning. This eye catching shade symbolizes mystery or attaining the impossible. Or in simpler terms, to show someone that they are an extraordinary person.

Green Roses:-

This rare colour is all about life, growth and abundance. These roses can mean many things. It can symbolize renewal, fertility, and rejuvenation of spirit and energy whilst also symbolize feelings of balance, stability and peace. They are mainly associated with plentifulness and richness.

Black Roses:-

The darkest shade of a rose, being black, symbolizes death, mourning or tragedy. Something to take with you to a funeral, to grieve someone or to say a farewell to loved one.

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